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Eufex Bank was founded in 2000 and operates under a banking license granted by the The Finnish Financial Supervision Authority (FIN-FSA, Eufex Bank is supervised by FIN-FSA. In Finland, Eufex Bank is the first bank that truly specializes in offering unbiased asset management services based entirely on the use of external mutual funds. The profound expertise and exceptional academic background of our key professionals make our services unique within the Finnish financial industry.

Eufex Bank offers a variety of services, concentrating on asset management, mutual fund analysis, mutual fund brokerage and banking services. Mutual fund administration services are also offered through our subsidiary Eufex Fund Administration Ltd. The mutual fund brokerage services can be reached via an internet-based trading platform which allows investments in mutual funds all over the world. Our clientele consists of both institutional investors and wealthy private individuals ranging from major Finnish insurance companies to pension funds and public investors.

Our recognized mutual fund analysis process is based on comprehensive academic research. Considered sovereign and reliable, the results of our mutual fund analysis are widely published in the Finnish media.

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